Reddi is a Colombian based Technology transfer office  (TTO) who promotes an entrepreneurial culture and connect inventors to the marketplace to improve regional economic development.

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At Reddi we offer services that allow companies to connect with innovative solutions and that makes their investments profitable. That is why we offer services such as: 

Business Plans
Market Study
Technological Surveillance
Valuation of Intangibles
Investment Pitch
Intellectual Property
Tax Shield
Business Model
Technology Commercialization
Experience Day

Technology Portfolio

Get to know our portfolio of solutions that will ignite innovation and growth on your company.

Innovation Challenges

Does your company have a challenge to solve? Are you interested in knowing the challenges other companies faces and propose innovative solutions for them? Reddi makes valuable connections that allow us to find solutions or strategic allies to solve the challenge.

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How we are in Colombia in terms of innovation and what are the key stakeholders and institutions doing to improve in this aspect? Learn the details that Camilo E. Torres gave us on this topic.
In the first Experience Day Reddi of the year, we created synergy between businesses and inventors to drive innovation in the agro-industry sector. Learn more about what we experienced at the event.
The course on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer was full of learnings, discover them here.

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In this Reddi experience we will learn all about the innovation culture of the "Start Up Nation". Find out the details here.

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