Bio-reactor for wastewater treatment.

High-rate anaerobic lagoon bioreactor
invention patent No. 08128172, Colombia (expired)

Biotechnology for the treatment of wastewater containing biodegradable material. It is a biological reactor called high rate anaerobic lagoon that has a better physical configuration and hydrodynamic behavior than other technologies with similar purposes.

Biotechnology, Sustainable development
environment. wastewater treatment.
reduction of particulate and soluble organic matter content, no electrical energy consumption, hydrodynamic behavior.
  • Efficient conversion of organic matter into biogas as a final product.
  • The process does not require systems with high energy demand for its operation.
  • It provides mineralized sewage sludge, which with prior dewatering could be used as fertilizer or soil remediation.
  • Lower costs and requirements for subsequent secondary treatment.
  • Shorter treatment time, operational and maintenance simplicity.
  • Higher removals of BOD5 and suspended solids.
Universidad del Valle.