Biodegradable urn.

Biodegradable Urn.
Patent application No. NC2021/0015373, Colombia (pending).

the technology is a 100% biodegradable ecological urn, manufactured from natural fibers that are reused from waste generated by the agro-industrial sector (coconut, pineapple, cane and hemp or mixtures of these, and cellulose in aqueous matrix) and natural agglomerates, Additionally, their manufacture does not use wood or bamboo, food (starches, gelatins or others) or harmful chemical substances commonly present in today’s market, and their degradation process does not release gaseous, liquid or solid toxins.

Sustainable development
funeral industry / cremation services.
ecological, biodegradable.
  • Promotes the circular economy by using waste generated by the agroindustrial sector as raw material.
  • It reduces the environmental impact of post-crematory processes by not using wood or releasing gaseous, liquid or solid toxins in the degradation process.
  • Promotes reforestation and landscape care.
Jennifer Estrada Rúgeles.