Biofertilizer with phytostimulant compounds.

Patent No. NC2018/0007279, Colombia (Granted).
Biotechnology, Health
health, biology, medicine (pathology, ophthalmology, microscopic endodontics), medical diagnostics (colposcopy, endoscopy, otoscopy), laboratories.
Intelligent illumination that automatically selects the color that maximizes the contrast of the sample; easy attachment to the viewing instrument; uses a polychromatic LED module; viewing of biological samples by electronic generation of complementary color, user interface that allows selection of the mode of use: assisted or automatic; control of color, intensity and contrast; can be controlled by a mobile device or remotely via the Internet.
  • Improves the visualization of biological samples stained with histological dyes such as Hematoxylin – Eosin (H – E), among others.
  • It allows the visualization and contrast of the tissue area of interest through endoscopy, and in similar applications where the visualization of the sample is enhanced by illuminating with light of a specific color chosen by the examiner or by the system.
  • It can generate any color in the visible range.
  • Maximizes contrast by automatically calculating the complementary color,
  • It has two modes of use: manual or automatic.
  • Reduces and optimizes observation and diagnosis times.
  • It can be easily attached to the viewing instrument.
Universidad del Cauca