Bioinsecticide for the army ant.

Bioinsecticide for the army ant.
invention patent No. 08027936, Colombia.

is a biological insecticide for the control of the army ant, especially atta cephalotes species. It consists of isolated spores of beauveria bassiana and trichoderma viride suspended in aqueous solution. The bioinsecticide allows the spores to adhere to the ant cuticle, secreting proteases that digest the cuticle and infect the hemocele, thus causing the death of the ant due to the toxicity of the toxin, and also attacks the ant’s food source.

Agriculture, Biotechnology
non-toxic, attacks specifically the army ant, long-term solution for pest control, increases crop productivity, reduces costs.
  • It is non-toxic to crops and humans.
  • Its effectiveness is superior to other control alternatives because it was designed specifically for army ants.
  • It is a long term control solution as it totally eradicates the anthills, attacking adult ants and larvae.
Universidad San Buenaventura.