Data collection system and device for energy meter reading.

invention patent NC2016/0004508 Colombia (granted).

SmartMDC is a concentrated metering equipment for power supply management with the ability to manage multiple users with single-phase, two-phase or three-phase service. Through a 3G wireless link, WiFi or an Ethernet connection, the system can be linked to provide the grid operator with all the information on the physical variables associated with the supply of each subscriber at a given moment in time, as well as historical records of the main variables associated with the service. Likewise, the equipment offers the possibility of performing actions such as cutting off, limiting or reconnecting the supply in a remote, verified and secure manner.

Industry 4.0
energy, energy trading companies, telecommunications companies.
configurable system, supports up to 3 types of meters with direct connection, device with over voltage protection, 3G communication module for remote communication, RFID card reading module for device security.
  • Remote monitoring, reading and control of meter information, facilitating activities of cut-off, reconnection and limitation of electricity supply.
  • Control and management of non-technical losses.
  • Ability to manage multiple users.
  • Interoperability: allows information to be downloaded in structured and standardized formats. WebServices (Web services) can be used to exchange information via a secure HTTPS link or the DLMS/COSEM protocol.
  • It enables efficient management of energy supply and facilitates the implementation of energy efficiency strategies.
  • Allows the implementation of prepaid energy systems.
Universidad del Valle.