Dispenser of biosafety elements.

Dispenser of biosafety elements by means of a personal identification document.
utility model patent No. NC2020/0005714 Colombia (granted).

automatic dispenser of biosecurity products (such as liquid hand sanitizer) that has a temperature sensor and ID card reader to identify and interact in real time with public or private databases, allowing real-time monitoring of personnel entering commercial establishments, companies and/or public places.

Industry 4.0
real-time information, use of the internet of things and employs solar energy.
  • Interconnection with government applications, health entities, professional risk entities and/or employers, to verify mobility restrictions, mandatory quarantine or other information associated with a user's document number.
  • Data management in the cloud, high security protocols for monitoring interactions with users of the equipment.
  • Service adaptable to customer needs.
  • Customizable screen which allows the user to access their temperature, explanations of device use, health campaigns and/or advertising.
  • It has vibration sensors, which register possible attempts of vandalism or theft, with image capture and real-time alerts.
  • Self-sustainable energetically, due to a solar panel and a battery that supply the energy for its operation.
Walter Rolando Gálvez Rendón.