Genome analysis process.

Vista Genomics.
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Vista Genomics is a process of genome (DNA) analysis that identifies ancestry and genetic predispositions to diseases and different wellness characteristics (nutrition, physical abilities). It specializes in individuals from Latin America, whose genome is the result of a mixture of different races throughout history, making them genomes different from the North American and European genomes that are the most studied.

medicine, ancestral identification, genetic predisposition to identify health problems.
The specific genome bank, adapted to the genetic information of Latin America and supported by international research, has been able to structure a bank of 2,000 genomes.
  • The analysis is carried out taking into account the genetic crossbreeding of Latin America, supported by several academic research projects.
  • It provides information on ancestry, health, wellness and nutrition in different packages according to the needs of each client.
  • Access to the service is without medical intermediation, however, the results can be delivered by a professional in the area of health and genetics.
Augusto Valderrama.