Tax shield

The Colombian National Council of Tax Shield has the objective of qualifying and defining the criteria and conditions for granting companies tax benefits as an incentive for supporting and investing in projects related to science, technology and innovation.

The benefits that companies could receive are:

1. Tax deduction and discount.

If the investments made by the company in research, technological development and innovation comply with the defined conditions, 25% of the value invested in the taxable period is deducted from the income tax, according to article 258 of the tax statute.

2. Tax credit for investments

Investments made by micro, small and medium-sized companies in research, technological development and innovation that meet the defined conditions, may access a tax credit for 50% of the value of the investment made.

Because of these benefits and many more, it is important that as a company you bet on scientific, technological and innovation development in the country to solve social and market problems.

If your company already does so, Reddi will advise you and accompany you in the structuring of projects to access the next call for proposals from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Reddi Colombia

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Israel is one of the most innovative countries, not in vain it is known around the world as the “Start Up Nation”, and people from all over the planet come there to learn the secret behind its success in recent decades. And this time, together with Reddi, you will be able to live the experience in the innovation ecosystem of Israel.

Together with the company Israel Connection Tours, which has more than ten years of experience generating synergies with Latin America, we propose a comprehensive tourist and educational experience that will allow you to know in person the learning of the main private, public and academic entities of the Israeli ecosystem, noted for its innovation in areas such as high technology, medicine, agriculture, computing, cybersecurity and information.

The trip consists of eight days, from November 5th to 12th, 2022, with a full agenda of visits, conferences, lectures and tours specially designed to make the most of every minute of your stay in Israel. In addition, we offer the DOING BUSINESS IN ISRAEL option, an advisory, scouting and support service to generate and close business opportunities with relevant Israeli entities.

During the Reddi Experience we will visit leading innovation companies and academic institutions such as Kinneret Innovation Center, Technion and T-HUB, Grofit, Adama, Cebra Medical Vision, Tytocare, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Export Institute, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, among others. 

In addition, the delegation that joins this mission will be able to access a PRE-TRIP TRAINING that consists of 7 pre-recorded training modules with 19 of the main referents of the Israeli ecosystem. 

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