Portable device to control coffee drying.

Portable coffee drying controller device.
invention patent No. NC2017/0000887 Colombia.

a device to control the humidity of the coffee harvest, which uses a 200-gram sample and an electronic mechanism to notify the farmer about the ideal moment for its commercialization.

Agriculture, Industry 4.0
Increased productivity, real-time information, easy handling, use of solar energy.
  • It automatically notifies the coffee grower when the bean is at the optimum moisture level through any electronic device (cell phone, tablet and computer).
  • The device works in any location as it does not require electrical power because it incorporates a solar panel.
  • It is easy to use and install, only requires the incorporation of a 200 g sample and wait for the notification.
  • It can be configured to measure moisture in other grains such as cocoa, corn, beans, among others.
Universidad de Manizales