Predictive system of the response of a patient under anesthesia.

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Predictheon is a software that predicts a patient’s physiological response during a procedure where anesthesia is required, depending on the amount of drugs applied, clinical information and patient demographics. In this way, it allows predicting future changes in the level of anesthesia, identifying imminent risks and estimating the approximate recovery time.

Industry 4.0, Health
health technologies / sedation-analgesia procedures.
software platform, predictive capabilities, use of artificial intelligence and real-time monitoring.
  • Reduction of surgical risks.
  • Prevention of adverse events.
  • Optimal control of the effects of sedation-analgesia procedures.
  • Real-time monitoring of the effects of anesthesia on the patient.
  • Timely identification of risks during the procedure.
  • Decision making based on clinical data.
  • Determination of patient recovery and discharge times.
Universidad de San Buenaventura