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At Reddi we connect technological business challenges with innovative solutions created by universities, research centers and companies.

We do it through:

Business Plans
Market Study
Technological Surveillance
Valuation of Intangibles
Investment Pitch
Intellectual Property
Tax Shield
Business Model
Technology Commercialization
Experience Day

Business Plans

We want your company, university or research center to go one step further and that is why we accompany you with business plans and effective financial models to achieve capital attraction goals.

Our service includes:

  • Market research
  • Technological surveillance
  • Valuation of intangibles
  • Investment pitch

At the end you will get all the relevant information that will help you seize the attention of potential stakeholders in your technology.

Market Study

To properly address the commercial strategies of your business, it is vital to know the market trends, that is why through our service you will be able to identify and understand the needs that your clients want to solve through your products or service.

The Reddi Market Study is Business to Business (BTB) and will help you acknowledge 3 important points:

1. Market Potential

What is the size of the market?
What is expected of the market in the coming years?
How is the market segmented?

2. Customer Identification

Who are they?
What do they need?
Where are they?

3. Competitive Advantages

What substitute products are available on the market?
What is your added value?
Who are the main competitors?
What are their characteristics?

Technological Surveillance

Finding out about novelties, inventions and applications of emerging technologies has many benefits in order to solve the challenges present at your company. In order for you to be aware of all of this, we offer you the technological surveillance service with which you will have:

Idea generation

  • Source of new ideas
  • Range of solutions
  • Locate partners to establish alliances
  • Detect trends in technologies and products

R & D

  • Detect new technologies
  • Avoid redundant R&D expenses
  • Prioritize and focus R&D projects

Launch of new products

  • Avoid infringement of third party patents
  • Define technologically active actors and territories
  • Complements the market analysis
  • Competition monitoring

Product Exploitation

  • Negotiation of licenses
  • Acquire third-party technologies
  • Technology Transfer
  • Search for potential licensees

Valuation of Intangibles

Intangible assets are increasingly valued. That is why they are now taken as the fundamental pillars on which successful organizations are built. Reddi has been certificated by the National Association of Appraisers (ANA).

And thanks to this, with our service, companies will be able to:

  • Acquire capital or financing
  • Carry out buying or selling activities
  • Be part of joint venture agreements, partnerships or alliances
  • Be part of licensing negotiations or royalty rates
  • Manage intangible assets effectively
  • Make better decisions regarding the implementation and prioritization of investments in research and development projects.
  • Measure the financial viability of its technological development

At Reddi we have the knowledge and experience to measure the economic value of your invention patents, utility models or industrial designs, that way we can offer a technical opinion, based on measurable, quantifiable and comparable calculations, which will guide you towards making strategic decisions for the organization.

Investment Pitch

At Reddi we know that there is no second chance to make a good first impression, and with our Investment Pitch service, your first approach will be a success.

With us on your side you will be able to have an ideal presentation to capture investors and in a maximum of 15 slides we will guide you so that with a brief, clear and persuasive vision of the business plan, you can obtain the financing you are looking for.

In addition, we transform the scientific language of your technological development into business language, emphasizing the information that an investor would like to know.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your intangible assets is the first step to safeguard the competitive advantages of your company in the market.

At Reddi, you will find guidance on intellectual property issues and services associated with the protection of your products and new creations, because in our team we have the Technology and Innovation Support Center (CATI in Spanish), in agreement with the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce in Colombia (SIC) to provide the information, guidance and assistance required in the search for industrial property.

Tax shield

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Minciencias) and the National Council of Tax Shield, open every year a call to which companies of the productive sector in Colombia, can apply to obtain discounts on their income tax, which are proportional to the investments made in science, technology and innovation during the corresponding taxable year. 

At Reddi we assist you in this process on how to participate and obtain these benefits: 

  • Tax benefits
  • Tax deduction of 100% of the amount invested in the projects (which reduces the taxable net income) depending on the accounting management of the company. 
  • Tax deduction of 25% of the value of the project, directly applicable to the payment of income tax. 
  • Personnel who develop Cel activities in the project may obtain benefits for income not constituting income in relation to the income obtained in the execution of the project. 
  • If the benefit exceeds 25% of the income tax payable, the excess may be applied up to the following 4 periods up to the time of investment. 

Business Model

Being clear about the type of business that is going to be created is essential to get ahead in the market. With our advice you will be able to identify how your business creates, delivers and captures value for the client, allowing you to grow profitably.


  • Clearly define the customers and how the value proposition will be delivered.
  • Define the structure of the business depending on the type of response that provides a solution to the needs of the market.
  • Identify how the business differs from the competition.

Technology Commercialization

If your company or university has intellectual property assets, we are the ideal ally to accompany you in the identification and negotiation with potential clients, licensees or investors. With the commercialization of your technologies you will be able to make your investments in research and development profitable.


  • Strategy design and commercial pitch
  • Identification of possible technology licensees or investors
  • Commercial preparation of the technology
  • Accompaniment in negotiation processes with licensees or investors
  • Accompaniment in technology transfer

Experience Day

At the Reddi Experience Day, your company or university will be able to commercially validate products or services and get feedback from potential customers on features such as:

  • Utility
  • Usability
  • Desirability
  • Feasibility
  • Viability