Soil energy map for crops.

Soil energy map to improve crop productivity
Utility Model Patent No. 08128174, Colombia (public domain)

technology that allows determining the Soil Energy Reserve (RES) to define soil productivity in detail, reducing costs and efforts in land preparation, water use for irrigation and fertilizer application.

The product of this invention is an energetic map of the crop that manages to differentiate zones of high RES (higher productivity) and zones of low RES (lower productivity) with the objective of establishing a differential fertilization strategy with a faster, more economical and precise method than the traditional soil analysis system, since it has been proven to reduce fertilization costs by up to 30%.

Agriculture, Industry 4.0
precision agriculture / soil fertilization
fast, economical and accurate.
  • Identification of productive zones within the crop.
  • Increased crop productivity.
  • Increased crop profitability.
  • Reduction of residual effects (environmental footprint).
  • Reduces fertilization costs.
Universidad del Valle