System for mass communication of content and advertising.

Robot Visual
invention patent No. NC2017/0005722, Colombia (granted).

Robot Visual is a system for mass communication of content and advertising DOOH, which integrates concepts of IoT and Industry 4.0, which allows to convert walls and walls into large screens, capable of promoting interactions with the public through their cell phones, increasing the impact of the advertising message on the consumer, and obtain metrics of these interactions.

Industry 4.0, Marketing
digital advertising / industry 4.0
projects content in real time, remote management, interactivity, performance metrics, etc.
  • 60% reduction in implementation costs and energy consumption.
  • Low urban impact due to the fact that it is projected over the existing infrastructure.
  • Real-time and remote content management.
  • Traceability of metrics due to the fact that it allows measuring the results of the projected contents.
  • Interactivity with consumers.
Ricardo Bernal