Wireless ecosystem for monitoring and control in fish farming.

Wireless system for monitoring and control of oxygen in fish production.
Invention patent NC2016/0000229, Colombia (Granted).
Fish farming.
Ease of use, low cost, energy reduction, real-time monitoring and control.
  • Controls the temperature and the level of dissolved oxygen in the tank water without the need to inject additional water into the main tank.
  • Reduces water and electricity consumption costs.
  • Control of physicochemical variables.
  • It alerts the user about the variables in the tank wirelessly, even in areas where there is no internet coverage thanks to its communication system via cellular networks to a mobile device.
  • Independence from grid connection, since it has a renewable and sustainable energy system.
  • Avoids contamination of water sources, since the closed recirculation system prevents excessive wastewater production from the tank.
  • Energy savings in fish farming as well as water savings, due to the use of solar panels and a tank interconnection system respectively.
  • It can monitor the physicochemical variables of several tanks simultaneously, due to the expansion capacity of the measurement system to other similar tanks located at considerable distances.


Álvaro Andrés Navarro, Ramiro Arango, José Bestier Padilla – Universidad del Quindío